Customer Service

It’s Got To Be Right or It’s Wrong

We are the fastest and most reliable Silkscreen Print Shop in North America. We print licensed apparel, specifically; silkscreen t-shirts, sweatshirts, professional sports, and retail brands.

When we send out a product, we know that it has been printed with the most care that you can give to a t-shirt print. Our shirts feel soft, they look great, the colors are right, the design is centered on the shirt - it's just RIGHT. 



Speed to Market

Projects that have been done overseas for the past fifteen years or so are now making their way back on shore. The number one benefit to using a domestic manufacturer is speed to market.


In our industry, things move very quickly. Things have to be 100% accurate. That is why communication is so important.

High Capacity Capability

With our ability to output upwards of 20,000 printed units in an 8-hour shift, we can react very quickly to special projects.

If there is a potential client looking for warehousing, state of the art printing processes, retail ready fashion and packing, direct to store distribution, all on time and to specification, here in America . . . you cannot do better than to go with PrintPro Silkscreen Company.